Our Family

We are so blessed with a wonderful family! 


Jonathan and Heather were married in January, 2004. 

He has 4 beautiful children:  

Katie , Kyle, Kaden and Kipton. 

They live in South Carolina, not far from us.  We are priviledged to get to attend church with them.  

Jonathan is a preacher and available for meetings as the Lord opens doors.  He has a radio broadcast on Just Jesus Network, on Saturdays at 5pm. Find the network online, or via their app. 

Jonathan can be reached via email:



Our daughter, Christy, married her husband Kent in June of 2017. 

She has 3 step-children, Audrey, Cara and Kevin.  

They live just down the road from us. 

They are active in their home church in various programs: Sunday School teachers, mission group leaders and music. 

Kent is also the Vice President of a non-profit organization, Mission Haiti, Inc. 

Christy & Kent can be reached via email:


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